New Products February 12, 2015

Mission Springs Fraser Valley IPA

"From Mission BC’s Mission Springs Brewing comes their “Fraser Valley IPA” a beer brewed with hops grown in the Fraser Valley.  The beer pours a copper colour with a creamy white head.  The aroma consists of floral hops, malty, fruits and not much else.  The flavour is of caramel malts, some fruits including citrus, big hops bitterness, pine and resin.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.6% with an IBU of 67.  This was very refreshing on tap at the brewery and I look forward to more pints of this in the future."


Mission Springs McLennan's Scotch Ale

"Pours dark ruby/brown with a tawny head that lasts & lasts. At 8% ABV, this Wee Heavy ale is chock full of toffee-caramels and smokey-leathery undertones. Hints of tobacco, burnt sugar & roasted malts can be found throughout. Incredibly smooth with just enough hop presence to provide a wonderfully balanced ale."


Mission Springs Cherry Bomb Pale Ale

The Cherry Bomb Pale ale is a copper coloured ale that wears a hat of head two fingers thick which laces the glass long after settling. With cherries on the ingredients list it is no surprise that a dark cherry sweetness comes through strong alongside a Belgian wheat smell and a touch of sourness. The flavour is creamier than expected with a well malted body. The cherry notes do not overpower the beer but add a slight sweet & sour tone to the taste.” –


Mission Springs Fat Guy Oatmeal Stout

“The Mission Spring Brewing Company has released an Oatmeal Stout called the Fat Guy and it is a close to black in colour beer. The head is around a finger’s thickness and off white in colour. The smells are of a hearty and thick beer with notes of chocolate and toasted malt. The taste is quite light and almost airy in texture. The flavour is still dark and stout-esque but the overall feeling is rather light on the tongue. A minute amount of hop joins the dark, lightly toasted, chocolatey flavour for a drinkable, enjoyable and rather mellow Oatmeal Stout. Lighter than most in flavour and a mellow 4.5% ABV this may not pluck the strings of the thrill-seeking craft beer connoisseur but it is a very easy drinking, mellow and rather nice tasting Oatmeal Stout.” –


Hopworks Urban Brewery Organic IPA

“Our flagship IPA is a classic Northwest IPA that is generously hopped with Amarillo, Centennial, and Ahtanum hops in the kettle, hop-back, and dry-hop. This judicious use of hops is balanced by hte finest organic malts available, namely Canadian organic Pilsner malt and German organic Munich and Caramunich. 15 degrees Plato Original Gravity 2.7 degrees Plato Terminal Gravity 6.6% Alcohol by Volume 75 International Bitterness Units” –

Stone Brewing IPA

“By definition, an India Pale Ale is hoppier and higher in alcohol than its little brother, pale ale – and we deliver in spades. Now one of the most well respected and best-selling IPAs in the country, this golden beauty explodes with citrusy flavor and hop aromas, all perfectly balanced by a subtle malt character. This crisp, extra hoppy brew is hugely refreshing on a hot day, but will always deliver no matter when you choose to drink it.” –


Stone Brewing Smoked Porter

“When first released, our smoky version of a traditional English porter was ahead of its time. Today, it’s a highly regarded staple among craft beer fans and our go-to food complement; pairing effortlessly with all kinds of cuisine, from peanut butter and banana sandwiches to braised pork belly to apple pie. This worldly libation is dark, smooth, and complex, with rich chocolate and coffee flavors suffused with subtle smokiness from the addition of peat-smoked malt.” –



Posted on February 17, 2015 .